Company Code Carve-Out 

Company Code Carve-Out removes data related to one or more company codes including transactional, master, and customization data.  In some cases, this service can be enhanced to support partial data removal, data masking, or other custom scenarios.


A common approach is to use a copy of the production system as a foundation for test cycles.   The relevant company codes for a buyer or seller scenario can then be deleted from this test system.


In addition to the efficiencies of the SAP LT approach, control of the data remains with the customer until the divestiture transaction is finalized.

Profit and Cost Center Rename - Merge 

Profit and Cost Center Merge and Rename enables a change to transactional, master, and customization data across both standard and custom tables.


N:1 merges and 1:1 renames affect all current and historical data, resulting in a system that appears as if it was always in the ‘new’ state.

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Account conversions are executed to allow a company to adapt to new control and reporting requirements. The scenario supports N:1 merges and 1:1 renames for all current and historical data, as well as master customization data including customer defined tables. 


Consistency is ensured by systematic checks such as account types, currencies, open item managed, and company code level account assignments, with a result of a system that appears as if it was always in the ‘new’ state.


Company Code Merge 

Company Code Merge blends one or more company codes into an existing company code, including transactional, master, and customization data. 


Dependent organization units, such as plants, of the company code to be merged are assigned to the receiving company.   Once the merge is complete, the system will appear as if the data always belonged to the current company code.


An analysis is performed from the onset to verify that key configuration is consistent between the company codes, such as controlling area, currency, chart of accounts, fiscal year variants, and number ranges. 


Renames are available for multiple organizational and master data objects such as company code, controlling area, material, customer, vendor, sales organization, and purchasing organization. 


Renames update all transactional, master, and customization data.   Renames are best suited for corporate reporting and naming convention harmonization as well as managing conflicts to support a merge.  


Customer and Vendor 

Customers and vendors can be merged and/or renamed in order to support deduplication efforts, support master data governance, and prepare for business partner functionality.


Both the account and the account group for customers and vendors can be modified. While the service can be completed for just one or the other, it is common to convert both customers and vendors simultaneously.  The conversion covers transactional, master, and customization data.

Fiscal Year and Revenue Recognition Recalculation

Fiscal Year’s can be changed for tax, legal, harmonization, merger or acquisition needs of a company.     Up front analysis is common with a fiscal year change as it touches multiple modules, customization, transactional data and org units.  A fiscal year can be adapted consistently across the system allowing consistent processes and reporting post conversion.

Many customers also have the need for recalculate revenue recognition during a fiscal year change.  Formbit has a proven approach to integrate a recalculation for all sales orders and line items to align with the new fiscal year.



Additional Objects

SAP’s LT portfolio supports additional scenarios:

•Reorganization of Profit Centers & Segments

•Merge of Controlling Areas

•Assets Classes

•Asset Account Determination

•Personnel numbers

•Shell creation

•Client Transfer

•HCM Transformation scenarios

•Analysis of ERP & Netweaver

•Variant and code scans

•Repository and customization comparisons

Formbit’s extensive experience supports the LT portfolio and allows for creative solutions to fit your business need.

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