Formbit primarily leverages SAP's tools to transform, convert and migrate customer data.  Over the years these tools and services have had varying names including SLO (System Landscape Optimization), LT (Landscape Transformation) and DM&LT (Data Management and Landscape Transformation). All of these have had the same core functionality and value to the customer allowing for database level conversions on productive SAP systems. The current release of SAP LT contains the majority of transformation, consolidation, migration and divestiture related services provided by Formbit.



Acquisitions are handled differently as the scenarios are often unique.    The solution can vary from harmonizing the existing data structures to support unification, migrating all or a subset of data into existing systems, migrate all or a subset of data into a new system, creating a multi-client system and other approaches.    Formbit is able to help you with this decision process and work with you to design an approach to meet your business needs. 


Selling of a business unit, company, or line of business can be represented at many different levels of data within your systems.   The company code level is the common starting point for a divestiture.  Many times the sale involves data that crosses organizational units, has data that is co-mingled with other organizational units, needs to change ownership/assignment of plants to new company codes, has unique requirements to restrict some data while making other data available to the acquiring company.    Each divestiture is different.  Formbit can guide you down the path to realize the sale and meet the various data requirements of the sale.

Consolidations take place at the client level and the system level.   The driving factors can be IT consolidation, an acquisition or foundation work for a later initiative or transformation.     Formbit can help you decide which path is best for your company.


Restructuring can result in the need to merge companies, reassign ownership of a plant to another company,  stand up a new company based on an older one,  a merging of controlling areas or other renaming and reassignment of your business's organizational units.    Often a restructuring business event can include a business process optimization at the same time.   Formbit can help you with your restructuring needs.  


Customers face the business need to change existing processes and data.  Common scenarios include Chart of Account Harmonization/Conversion, Cost Center Realignment, Material Number Conversions, Product Hierarchy Adjustments and Conversion, Profit Center Realignment, and Vendor Number Conversions.    Many more scenarios are available and possible with SAP LT tools.  Additionally custom scenarios can be realized as well.   Ask a Formbit data expert about your business process optimization need and how that could be accomplished. 

Formbit uses SAP's tools to convert customer's systems.  Detailed service briefs can be found on SAP


SAP LT Service Descriptions

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